Three Red Lion High School Boys’ Basketball Program Members Receive Gretchen Wolf Swartz Scholarship Awards for Sportsmanship

Three senior members of the Red Lion High School boys’ basketball team received 2021 Gretchen Wolf Swartz Scholarship Awards Tuesday evening.

The winners were Amando “AJ” Virata, Jr., who received a scholarship in the amount of $22,000, and Mitch Burchett and Davante’ Dennis, who each received a scholarship in the amount of $19,000. 

The Lions boys’ and Hanover High School girls’ basketball programs were named winners of the Gretchen Wolf Swartz Sportsmanship Award at the conclusion of this year’s basketball season. As a result, the seniors from each program became eligible to apply for scholarships. 

The organization’s board members reviewed scholarship applications and interviewed applicants before awarding the scholarships. 

The awards are presented in memory of Gretchen Wolf Swartz, who was a York County basketball official from 1981 to 1995. Following her untimely death from leukemia in 1997, her fellow York County officials created the memorial team awards and scholarship fund to promote and honor the sportsmanship she displayed throughout her playing and officiating careers. 

At the conclusion of each season, York area basketball officials vote to honor a YAIAA boys’ and girls’ program for sportsmanship after observing the season-long conduct of players, fans, faculty, students, managers, coaches, superintendents, ADs and cheerleaders from junior high to varsity. Each winning school receives a traveling trophy in recognition of its accomplishments.

Hanover’s scholarship recipients will be announced May 26.

With Tuesday’s announcement, the board has now awarded more than $700,000 in scholarships since presenting its first two scholarships – each for $1,000 – back in 2001.