A person's ability to get along with others, on the street or on the basketball court, is one of the greatest skills one can learn. Good Sportsmanship best expresses that skill. Gretchen Wolf Swartz best exemplified it.

The Award-

Each year, the York Chapter of PIAA Basketball officials, will choose a girl's and a boy's basketball team from a YAIAA member school. The officials look for examples of good sportsmanship in players, coaches and fans. Two traveling trophies are awarded annually in recognition of the school's good sportsmanship.

In addition the award qualifies senior participants in the winning team's basketball program (players, cheerleaders, managers) to apply for a post secondary school scholarship.

The Scholarship-

The scholarship is awarded to one student from each selected team. The scholarship application and criteria are available to interested and qualified senior students. The scholarship amount depends on the size of the fund.

Scholarship selections will be made by Board members of the Gretchen Wolf Swartz Scholarship Fund, Inc.

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